Parents we heard you were looking for help!

Does your child have a great idea or would he or she like to own their own business? Do you have no clue on the steps you will need to take? The classes held at the Kidpreneur Business Expo will be a great help. Read below for details on the classes that will be offered. 

Marketing for Parents 

Ok so you have the plan but you don't know who to talk to or you don't know what to do next. Allow our personal relations expert, Ms. Tiffany Vaughn of Brass V2 Communications to educate you on the steps needed to elevate your Childs business. 

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Fundraising & Financing 

So there are bills, bills, bills, and more bills, and then your child wants to start a business! Where will the money come from? How will you raise the funds to bring the product to life? Our expert financial planner Ms. Shirley Legerme will be sure to give you budgeting and planning tips, that will help you skyrocket your childs business

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Raising a Mogul

Join Tamara Cunningham as she gives you all of the tips on how to raise a Mogul. Tamara will provide all of the tips to get you and your mogul ready for all opportunities. 

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All classes can be paid for by clicking the link below.

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All class fees include all supplies needed as well as a swag bag filled with cool parent planning items. Don't miss out on the opportunity to receive factual information to get your child to the next level.